How Listening to Miles Davis can be a sneak preview into Madness

Timing is everything when taking acid and listening to music. If you throw on your headphones at the peak, especially when you’re after taking several hundred microgrammes, you might hear demons in the music, the demons that stalk your mind, waiting for portals to get out.

To me the best times are the come up or the come down, and in my eyes, preferably the comedown.

As I returned from a day of wandering the fields around my house in full psychedelic bloom, I presumed that the comedown was on the horizon due to how long I had been riding a peak, and I decided to whip out my headphones and lie on a cushion beneath the blazing sun to look at the blue sky.

I got brave and left my ipod on shuffle before settling down waiting for the music to wash over me and take my mind to it’s place. What first arrived was the ambient eastern twangs of some instrument Jeff Buckley decided to play at the beginning of Dream Brother, this entranced me, before swirling me into the songs mystique.

Lying there, looking at the blue sky, listening to Jeff wail about dark angels and tears scattered round the world, I began to notice the clouds morph into a figure that looked like Zeus or some sky deity.

Astounded by the clarity of this cloud Gods expression and features I began to wonder was I really at the end of my peak, or merely had hit a lull and was not reascending.

I got so caught up in this vision that Dream Brother and a pair of Nina Simone songs passed me by without any real recognition. The vision absorbed me and morphed the music with it. I came to only as I felt the vision reach a climax, and as the borders of my mind felt like they were expanding with blistering speed.

Then suddenly my mind felt like stretching plastic, as if it was about to snap. I actually felt madness, or that moment where you feel your mind is about to descend into it.

I became aware of how much this mood was being influenced by some strange dissonant music that had snuck up upon my ipod. I quickly clicked to make it stop and read the description.

At the cessation of the sound a massive relief washed over me, as if I survived an intense whirlwind. I remember by thoughts firmly concluding that Miles Davis and his Bitches Brew is the actual sound of chaos.

An order I could not understand.


Dream Brother – Jeff Buckley

Sinnerman – Nina Simone

Be My Husband – Nina Simone

Bitches Brew – Miles Davis