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We have been swimming in an ocean of music since the advent of the internet, the problem is that this ocean, like the real ocean, is full of shit that humans have dumped there. We collectively are struggling with this new challenge, spending hours pruning through sites trying to discover new music. If you just arrived here after being on a music search you’ll know what we mean.

At Technopagan we come to you through the noise to point you to the quality music we have discovered, and most importantly: we will give you the story of how we discovered this music. You will read how we went raving in Berlin, how we roamed Portuguese festivals, and how we practiced pranayama while spinning classic albums. You will hear what we heard while we had the experience, and you let the music take you there.

What’s more: we are a community, and we welcome you to participate. If you have any contributions such as a musical experience or you wish to suggest something, go ahead and leave us a comment!